I have been making survival bracelet for sometime now,

Survival Bracelets or Ranger Bracelets as some know them actually begin with the Rangers in Vietnam.  The Rangers would braid them and use a knot or button from their uniform to secure them. These were for survival purposes and also it was a way to identify other Rangers.

Even though I never saw Vietnam I am a Vietnam Veteran, I was however,  involved in the 1975 Panama Canal Treaty Conflict, until I was injured during a routine patrol in the Canal Zone.

I was with the 101st Airborne division in Kentucky, until my discharge in 1978.

Back then we did not have a choice of colors, just O.D. Green. Today Paracord come in a multitude of Colors, as you will see on the Paracord page. Survival Bracelets contain approximately 1.20' of cord for every inch of your wrist measurement.  They average about 7' to 12' of cord per bracelet, depending on your wrist size and how lose or tight you like them.  The two-tone bracelets are two 5' pieces spliced together.  If you have a 7 1/2 inch wrist you will have 9', if you have an 8 1/2 inch wrist you will have a little over 10' of cord for emergencies.  There are several styles, the most common is called the Cobra weave and then there is the King Cobra stitch. With the King Cobra style, you can double the amount of cord you have, if you have a nine-inch wrist you will have approx. 19' of cord. I also make collars for your pet dog or cat; also, I make survival belts, which these will give you, a considerable amount of cord to use if you need it... 

My bracelets are made from 550 pound test paracord or 450 pound test paracord, the Bracelets weaving is called a Cobra stitch, a King cobra stitch is going over 1st stitch again. Depending on the color or colors you choose. There are more color choices with the 450# paracord then the 550#. I handcraft these Bracelets and other products. So please understand that it will take some time to complete depending on style and color you choose. In addition, these bracelets and anklets are perfect for anyone who wants a nice stylish bracelet, and/ or spends any time in the outdoors. And makes a great gift for that outdoors lover in your life.

And if you use any of my products in a survival situation send me an email on how you used it and I will replace it for free....


There will be many more style to choose from as I learn new techniques so make sure you  come and check out whats new...

550 Paracord has seven nylon strands covered by a nylon sheath, and is rated at 550# pound test. The 450# has four strands of nylon covered by a nylon sheath, is rated at 450 pound test. The image below shows 550 # test and 450 # test paracord...


 The cord and its inside strands can be used for. 


Countless Uses

  • Emergency / Survival
  • Shelter / Gear Tie Downs
  • Fire Starter Bow
  • Improvised Pace Counter
  • Drag Line
  • Safety Line
  • Tunicate to Stop Bleeding
  • Boot / Shoe Laces
  • Clothes Line
  • Food Hanging
  • Improvised M.O.L.L.E. Repairs / Modifications
  • Binding
  • Trail Marking
  • Spear Making
  • Magazine Pulls
  • Trip Wires
  • Improvised Fishing Net

Inner Strand Uses

  • Fishing Line
  • Traps / Snares
  • Sewing (Tent / Clothing Repair)
  • Sutures
  • Lashing
  • Dental Floss
  • Small Animal Snare Trap
  • Gill Net
  • Small Repairs


Paracord has millions of uses. Use your ingenuity and your imagination. The sky is the limit!